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How to Change a Tire

All drivers need to know how to change a tire. A flat tire can happen anywhere, and it can be detrimental in a tight situation

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Wheel Balancing

Well, we’re coming into that tire changeover season so let’s talk about balance: Why do wheels need to be balanced? Wheels need to be balanced

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Vehicle AC Repair

We are here to talk about air conditioning today and educate you on why AC is so expensive to repair and diagnose, as well as

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We are an experienced auto repair team in Saskatoon. With over 30 combined years of experience, you can trust our expert team for all of your car repair needs. Click on the icons below to learn more about each service.

Suspension & Alignments

The steering and suspension system on the modern car is as varied from car to car as the models of cars themselves.

Brake Repair

Brakes are one of the most important components of your car, they are engineered to perform under all conditions, and to stop you in the shortest, safest distance possible.


Transmissions and drivelines deliver the power your engine produces to the road, effortlessly and almost unnoticeable.


With the various styles and complexities of today’s cars’ cooling and heating systems, a thorough knowledge of the procedures to maintain, flush, or repair your car is essential.

Engines & Diagnostics

Today’s engines are a far cry from the engines of yesteryear. Every facet is computer controlled to achieve maximum fuel efficiency, deliver the power you need, and meet very stringent emission standards.

Vehicle Inspection

Your vehicle is the most important (expensive) investment you have after living accommodations. They are a complex yet convenient method of transporting your loved ones and self to wherever you wish to go.

Heating & AC

The comfort level that today’s cars provide their occupants would have been unheard of and unachievable in the cars of just a few years ago.

Electrical Systems

With proper equipment, training, factory information and data, these conditions can be found, rectified, and repaired.

Tires & Wheels

The steering and suspension system on the modern car is as varied from car to car as the models of cars themselves.


Mufflers are vital parts of your vehicle, helping to maintain a clean internal car system, avoiding rust, control of harmful gases & to enjoy a smooth engine.

Oil Changes

Oil changes must take place to help prevent a buildup of sludge within the engine. You want to ensure that the valves and moving parts are operating smoothly at all times.