Brake Repair

brake repair Saskatoon

Brake repair

We can inspect, test and repair your car brakes. We can replace brake pads, rotors and pretty much anything else. We use scanners (computers) to test and diagnose the electronic components. Let's make sure that you can stop safely, every time!

Ask for a brake inspection!

Braking Systems 101

You need car brakes that work and work well! Good braking systems work on any surface and in any weather conditions. To help with this, modern cars use anti-lock brakes (ABS) and traction control. Some even have electronic stability control (ESC) and a collision avoidance system (CAS). Computers, solenoids and pumps control these systems. They get their information from sensors within the brake system. These systems have one purpose, to keep you safe. They fulfill their purpose by stopping you at the shortest, safest distance.