With the various styles and complexities of today’s cars’ cooling and heating systems, a thorough knowledge of the procedures to maintain, flush, or repair your car is essential. Phobia Auto utilizes an up-to-date information system to recognize your cars specific requirements for maintenance or repair, and uses only the properly approved fluids. Let us help your car keeps it’s cool and keep you warm.

Cooling Systems

Older cars required thermostats that needed to be changed spring and fall, to provide the heat for passengers, and run cooler in the summer. The advent of computer controlled fans has removed the twice yearly ritual of the thermostats. To maximize fuel efficiency, engineers run the engine temperature at the highest degree possible before failure. This in turn requires radiators and cooling systems to perform as designed, to keep the engine operating in its design temperatures. Flushing old antifreeze, and keeping the mixture fresh, ensures coolant integrity. With air conditioning equipped on most cars today, air flow through the radiator is crucial. Having your external cooling system blown clean, and removal of contamination will also ensure keeping your car’s engine performing as designed. Phobia Auto can perform these functions to keep your cars cool.