Wheel Alignment Saskatoon

car at wheel alignment diagnostic tester

Wheel Alignments

We inspect, repair and align steering systems with the most up-to-date equipment available. We check all the hydraulic, mechanical and rubber-encased components along the way. Our wheel alignment service ensures that your vehicle handles as it should.

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Suspension repair

The steering and suspension system is as varied as the models of cars themselves. They range from simple coil and leaf springs to a computer-controlled air ride system. Some shocks can change the ride and control with the flick of a switch.

Adverse road conditions, like potholes, ruts and cracks, affect your suspension. Even small accidents, like rubbing a curb, can cause damage. Springs can break, shocks and struts can leak, and steering components wear down. The number of things that can go wrong increases as suspension systems get more and more complex.

You don’t want a soft, springy ride. It is uncomfortable and dangerous. Steering with a broken suspension is difficult, especially if you hit a bump! We offer steering and suspension system inspections. We give a detailed report and can fix or replace parts. Let us keep you on the road safe.

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