Part of broken car with wheel and tyre is waiting to be fixed.

Wheel Balancing Basics

Car Mechanic

Steve Cusson

Steve is a mechanic at Phobia Auto Care. He started his own garage in 2016 and has been there ever since. He works on everything from motorcycles to semis and knows how to keep them in top shape.

Wheels need to be balanced so that we can prevent your car from shaking itself to pieces while you’re driving.

How is the wheel balanced?

We have special weights that we put on different places on your wheel to even everything out and make it nice and smooth. It’ll make your tires last longer, your vehicle drives smoother, and it helps prevent some uneven tire wear.

How do I know my wheel is unbalanced? The easiest way to know your wheel is unbalanced at highway speeds is you’ll feel a shake in your steering wheel or a shake in the back of your pant leg.

Why do I need to balance all four of my wheels?

If you have an issue with balance, it’s very difficult to pinpoint the location. Therefore, we always balance all four tires. The rim and the tire together must be balanced. As an assembly, there are heavy points in your tire and heavy points on your rim. When you get new tires, you should always re-balance them.  So, when I go from summer to winter, I must re-balance. Any time that a tire is taken off a wheel, it must be re-balanced when it’s put back on.

When you do a winter tire changeover, that’s the best time to get them balanced because they’re already off the vehicle. Getting your tires balanced will take about half an hour and up depending on the wheel and tire package that you have.

Can you guys balance my big truck wheels?

We can balance anything from corvettes to Honda civics, Hummers, heavy-duty trucks, lifted vehicles, anything!

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