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We repair all types of vehicles, large or small. Get your auto service needs taken care of at our 1-time shop, and experience the difference with our automotive passionate and customer service.

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We’ve been doing this for years, come in today to experience the professional, top quality auto repair services that have helped people all over Saskatchewan!

Steve fell in love with the automotive industry when he worked on his first car, a 1980 Buick Skylark. Steve has been a mechanic for eight years.

Steve Cusson

Connor always knew he wanted to be a mechanic. He loved helping his dad and grandfather fix vehicles which led to him falling in love with the industry.

Connor Grassie

Srđan Savić

Melissa Weber

Graham Gregoire

Allan Oystryk has been in the automotive industry for 23 years and is now part of the Phobia family. Allan comes from a strong and hard-working family. He has loved cars since he can remember.

Allan Oystryk

Derek Bonk

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